February 26, 2024

The Science Behind Lagree’s Muscle Toning

The Science Behind Lagree’s Muscle Toning

By Danielle Rosario

Wanna tone your body? Get sculpted muscles! The best workout for toning! Let’s face it — there are countless workouts out there on the market that catch your attention by claiming to help you tone and sculpt your body. The truth? While many of them may indeed help you, they’d require several months until you’d see a real noticeable difference. And living in a world where instant gratification seems to be the new norm, most people don’t hold out that long. 

And why should you when there’s a more effective and efficient workout?! Say hello to Lagree muscle toning. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is Lagree good for toning?” or “Does Lagree tone your body?” well, to put it simply — YES! Now, let’s dive into the science behind muscle toning with Lagree. 

Muscle Activation: Firing Up Every Fiber

A huge reason Lagree muscle toning is in a league of its own is because of the method’s ability to activate so many muscles. Unlike many other HIIT workouts that only activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers, Lagree focuses on slow and controlled movements, which activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers as well. 

  • Slow-twitch muscles: These fibers support aerobic metabolism and fatigue resistance. They are associated with endurance training or prolonged periods of activity.
  • Fast-twitch muscles: These fibers are responsible for explosive movements and are often engaged during high-intensity activities. They are associated with power activities, but fatigue faster. 

When it comes to sculpting muscles with Lagree, using the time-under-tension, or TUT, technique is a signature characteristic of the method. How does this unique activation of the muscles work to enhance your overall body strength? 

In a Megaformer session, your muscles undergo prolonged stretching and contracting. The deliberate and measured pace of the exercises triggers the activation of Type 1 muscle fibers, commonly known as slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for the characteristic tremor known as the Lagree shake.

In contrast to other workout routines where muscles are allowed intermittent rest periods, such breaks are not typically incorporated into a Lagree class. Here, muscles remain engaged without interruption, without scheduled pauses. However, you may take smaller breaks if necessary. 

So, although the movements aren’t explosive, they are dynamic, and the transition times are super fast. This means minimal rest time for your muscles. Your fast-twitch muscle fibers are put into play here, and the longer your muscles are under tension, the more your slow-twitch muscle fibers are also activated.

The Afterburn Effect: Lagree's Metabolic Magic

Why does muscle sculpting with Lagree seem to work like magic? Yes, the workout is badass, but let’s take a quick look at the science behind it. It has to do with EPOC, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. This happens because of an increase in metabolism and oxygen consumption, and it occurs after you exercise. When your body is in a state of repair and recovery, EPOC is at play. This is what we often refer to as the “afterburn effect.”

EPOC and high-intensity exercise, like Lagree muscle toning, have an array of benefits. These include an elevated metabolism, muscle gain, fat loss, and reduced heart rate and blood pressure. 

The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn both during activity and at rest. And because fat burning is all about torching calories, it’s no surprise that a revved-up metabolism from muscle sculpting with Lagree helps burn fat while simultaneously toning your body. 

The more intense the activity, the greater the effect of EPOC. When it comes to fat burning and muscle toning, the afterburn effect that comes hand in hand with Lagree is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. This, combined with the metabolic boost from the slow-twitch muscle fiber activation, creates the metabolic magic that comes with Lagree muscle toning. 

Beyond Sculpting: Lagree's Path to Muscle Mastery

We love muscle sculpting with Lagree, but the benefit of this workout method goes deeper than the strong, sexy body that’ll be staring back at you in the mirror. Unlike traditional strength training, Lagree uses resistance through variable tension. In contrast to many other HIIT workouts, Lagree utilizes slow and controlled movements. 

You’re able to truly focus on targeting specific muscles safely, as the lack of speed and momentum helps you keep proper form. Lagree is good for muscle toning and sculpting, increasing your muscular endurance, and improving your strength. The high-intensity, low-impact nature of Lagree is the key to muscle mastery. 

Balancing Act: Lagree's Core Symphony

We’re guessing you can already see the abundance of benefits that come with Lagree. As a full-body workout, Lagree muscle toning is highly effective. But what’s at the core of this? An emphasis on core engagement. Because the workout is performed on the Megaformer machine, muscle sculpting with Lagree requires balance and stability, which automatically engages your core. 

While certain exercises may target specific muscle groups, and some are geared toward the upper body or lower body, muscle toning with Lagree cannot be done without activating your core. This means improving your balance also can’t be achieved without engaging your core. Thanks to Lagree’s TUT technique, the slow, controlled movements allow you to enhance your balance skills as you strengthen your core. 

Tension Tales: Lagree's Journey to Strength Wonderland

While we’ve focused on muscle toning with Lagree, there’s no doubt that you’ll become stronger on your Lagree journey. Muscle tone and muscle strength are related, but the difference between the two should be noted. 

  • Muscle tone is the state of tension or firmness in your muscles at rest. It’s associated with the visible definition of the muscle.
  • Muscle strength is a measure of force between a specific resistance. It’s typically measured by how much weight a muscle can lift or how much force it can exert. 

A combination of reducing body fat and building muscle mass is involved to improve muscle tone. A mix of resistance training and cardiovascular training helps achieve the desired “toned” appearance. Because Lagree combines both, it’s no surprise it’s become a go-to workout method for achieving long, lean, sculpted muscles.  

To build muscle and increase strength, progressive overload comes into play. This is a process where your muscles are constantly exposed to a greater amount of work than normal. Both weightlifting and resistance training are forms of strength training. 

Through the use of the TUT technique, which creates constant tension, combined with a variety of complex movements, Lagree challenges muscles to the max — and does so in a completely safe and effective way. Aiming to maintain tension throughout the range of motion, stimulates both types of muscle fibers. The use of constant tension improves both muscular endurance and strength.

There’s an abundance of Lagree moves that target multiple muscles at once. The use of these dynamic moves, from compound exercises to isometric holds and the many variations in between, keeps your muscles engaged and helps prevent plateauing. 

Lagree Muscle Toning — The Optimal Choice

If you were wondering if Lagree was good for toning your body, there’s no doubt about it. Lagree muscle toning ultimately works by changing the composition of your muscles. So, if you’ve been wishing you could change your body — guess what? You absolutely can! 

Not only does Lagree tone your body, but it does so with extreme effectiveness and efficiency. It’s all in the science, baby. What are you waiting for? Get started sculpting that desired body with Lagree, and sign up for your first class!

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