July 22, 2023

The Secret to How Lagree Reshapes Your Body

The Secret to How Lagree Reshapes Your Body

By Danielle Rosario

Are you looking to change your body? And no, I’m not talking about dropping a few pounds. I’m talking about changing your entire body composition. Well, if you’re looking to make some serious changes to your physique, then guess what? You’re in luck because there’s a fitness method that helps you do just that. 

Introducing the Lagree method—a fitness program like no other.

And for some more good news—you can experience the Lagree body transformation regardless of your fitness level. What Lagree does to your body may seem almost too good to be true. But trust me—it’s totally possible. Just read on to find out how Lagree can make some impressive changes to your body! 

The Lagree Fitness Method: How It Works

Over two decades ago, Lagree Sebastien founded the Lagree method by fusing bodybuilding techniques with other exercise principles to create a high-intensity, yet low-impact workout

Lagree Fitness focuses on five components of physical fitness: endurance, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, and strength. By combining these into a single workout, Lagree has the power to transform your entire body. But how?

The Science Behind Lagree

There are a few reasons Lagree is so effective when it comes to changing your body. One of them is a signature element of Lagree—a slow and controlled tempo. The Lagree count, which is no less than eight counts—typically four counts moving in one direction and four in the other—eliminates the use of momentum. This time under tension, also known as the TUT technique, is what makes Lagree so unique. 

Your muscles are forced to stay contracted throughout the range of motion. Using slow, controlled movements combined with the TUT technique, Lagree activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers. These are responsible for building endurance and burning fat and play a key role in building muscular definition and strength.

In a Lagree workout, your body will be pushed to muscle failure—that feeling when you physically cannot do another rep or hold a position any longer. Hitting muscle failure is a sign that Lagree is busy working to change your body. 

The Megaformer: Your New Best Friend 

The Lagree method wouldn’t be possible without the Megaformer. This amazing machine was based on the Pilates Reformer, but there are some major differences. Just think of it like this—if the Reformer is a Toyota, then the Megaformer is a Lamborghini. It consists of a front and back platform, a sliding carriage, two sets of cables, a bungee cord, handlebars and footbars, and red and yellow springs. 

The Megaformer has revamped strength training by using springs and variable tension to create resistance on both horizontal and vertical planes. Because the spring resistance doesn’t rely on gravity, you can alter muscle emphasis to target specific muscles. This is done by changing the angle or direction of the pull and/or body placement on the machine. 

The ability to adjust the spring load of the Megaformer makes it suitable for anyone—you can lighten or increase the load according to your individual needs. It’s also easy to adjust them from one exercise to the next. The resistance of the springs also creates constant tension—keeping those muscles working from start to finish. 

Over a thousand exercises can be performed on the Megaformer. Yes, you read that correctly—more than 1,000 exercises! Thanks to the Megaformer, your Lagree workout is sure to be anything but boring or simple. 

Reshaping the Body: Lagree’s Impact on Different Muscle Groups 

What Lagree does to your body is no joke—it’s pretty incredible. The method is designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone muscles—but without bulking. It’s no surprise that Lagree is popular among many A-listers as it majorly focuses on long, lean muscle growth. 

Lagree is the epitome of a full-body workout. One of the reasons it’s so intense is that multiple muscles can be worked at the same time. Certain exercises can actually work more than 600 muscles at once. The more muscles utilized, the more calories burned. Talk about an extremely efficient workout. And honestly, the high-caloric torch is just icing on the cake when it comes to the benefits of Lagree.

Lagree Benefits: Stronger Core, Leaner Muscles, and Improved Posture 

What does Lagree do to your body? It benefits it in numerous ways like no other workout can.

You’ve probably heard it said before that your core is like your body’s powerhouse. And so it just makes sense always to strive to make it stronger. Your core should be activated throughout your Lagree workout—especially due to the nature of the workout, which requires balance and stability as it’s executed entirely on a Megaformer machine. You’ll build core strength in no time as you work multiple muscles simultaneously. 

A Lagree body means leaner muscles. The exercises are designed to lengthen as they strengthen the muscles. Think tightened and toned. Not big and buff. If your goal is to increase the size of your muscles, then you may want to stick with lifting heavy weights at the gym. But for nearly all other cases, Lagree is the optimal choice if you want to transform your body. 

Lagree also changes your body by improving your posture. This is done by utilizing balance work and core stabilizing exercises. Plus, the resistance of the springs helps eliminate cheating or compromising your form. This reduces the risk of injury while supporting better body alignment.

What to Expect in a Lagree Class

If it’s your first class, make sure to show up at least 15 minutes early to get the lowdown from your instructor. You’ll need to get acquainted with the Megaformer, and it’s important you also inform your instructor of any injuries they need to be aware of so they can help you modify particular exercises accordingly. 

Another requirement for all Lagree classes is grippy socks. Yes, the socks need to be grippy—regular socks will not keep you from slipping and sliding on the machine. In addition to safety, it’s just good sanitary consciousness. 

Unlike many HIIT classes, you won’t get built-in breaks or rest time during a Lagree class. Minimal rest time and quick transitions help keep your heart rate elevated. This is great for building your cardiovascular endurance, but be sure to listen to your body and take a moment when needed.

As we mentioned earlier, Lagree is all about a slow, effective tempo. You won’t find any jumping or quick, sudden movements. Leave your desire for using any momentum or a fast pace at the door before you enter the studio. 

Get ready to experience a class full of slow, controlled compound exercises that will make you feel the burn—even long after the class is over. Lagree may be low-impact, but its intensity is anything but. 


Are you ready to build a killer Lagree bod? What Lagree does to your body is unbelievable—but actually attainable! 

When it comes to fitness, the Lagree method is unparalleled. And when it comes to changing your body, it’s a total game-changer. 

With commitment and consistency (and, of course, a healthy, balanced nutritious diet), Lagree will help you achieve a complete body transformation.  

If you want a physique that will not only have you looking sculpted, toned, and fabulous, but feeling powerful, confident, and strong, sign up for your first class and see for yourself what Lagree can do to your body!


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