February 28, 2023

Top Tips for Your First Lagree Pilates Class

Top Tips for Your First Lagree Pilates Class

By Danielle Rosario

Just like anything else in life, when something is new to you, or you’re trying something for the first time, you shouldn’t go in blindly. Instead, educate yourself so that you know what you’re getting yourself into and can show up prepared. So if you’re wondering what you need to know before your first Lagree Pilates class, then you’ve come to the right place. We want you to know what to expect in a Lagree class. All you need is a few minutes to read the following Lagree Pilates class tips, and you’ll be good to go.

10 Tips to Remember Before Your First Lagree Pilates Class

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 Pilates class tips that will ensure you’re on your A-game when you get to your Lagree class. And even if you’ve taken a Pilates class before, remember Lagree isn’t like a regular Pilates class. Be sure to read through the entire list of top tips.

1. Make Sure You Have Grippy Socks

Grippy socks are pretty much required, or at the very least highly recommended, at most Lagree Pilates studios. Normal socks will not suffice because it’s the grippy material on the bottom of the socks that helps ensure you don’t slip and slide on the Megaformer machine during your workout. 

And if you’re now thinking, “Can I just go barefoot?”, well the grippy sock requirement helps to make sure the Megaformers are kept at the highest level of cleanliness. Even though they are wiped down thoroughly and cleaned on a regular basis, no one likes the thought of working out on a machine where someone else just had their sweaty feet.

2. Arrive Early to Get to Know the Machine—And Meet the Trainer

Arriving early isn’t optional—it’s mandatory for your safety. And it’s really for your own benefit to arrive early to your first Lagree class so that you don’t waste your time trying to figure out how the Megaformer works during your actual workout. 10–15 minutes before the class starts is a good amount of time to meet your trainer so that they can show you how to operate the Megaformer before you have to make your first spring change in your Pilates class.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a Pilates Reformer class before. The Megaformer is a more advanced machine with different parts. Your trainer will explain what the platform is, what the carriage is, which end is the front, which is the back, the difference between the yellow springs and the red springs, and more. Also, your trainer should know about your experience level and you should inform them of any injuries in order to avoid any further potential injuries. 

3. Choose a Megaformer in the Middle

You may be tempted to choose an end machine, not wanting to be front and center for your first Lagree class. However, choosing a Megaformer in the middle is important so that you have a better view of everything. 

You can look all around you if you need to refer to your more experienced classmates and adjust your form. In addition, the instructor will be able to keep an eye on you better, and help you throughout the class. 

4. Don’t Let the Names of the Moves Confuse You

Unlike any other Pilates class you may have taken, a Lagree class comes with its own language. Each exercise has a unique name, such as “Bear,” “Saw,” “Wheelbarrow,” “Spoon,” and many more. 

But don’t stress out about it because your trainer will walk you through how to maneuver each move, including how to get into it, sustain it, and modify it. You’ll catch on soon enough as most of the exercises are named accordingly based on how they look or the way in which the movement is executed.

5. Slow Down and Breathe—Modify the Exercises, Don’t Push Yourself too Much

One of the things I love about a Lagree class is that it allows you to focus on your breath while working out because it’s high-intensity, but low-impact. Proper breathing is something many people struggle with while working out. It’s common to hold your breath and often you’re not even thinking about breathing since it’s something we don’t typically have to focus on as humans. I mean, we have beendoing it subconsciously since birth.

With a focus on time-under-tension and an effective tempo, a Lagree class offers  a wonderful opportunity to slow down. All the movements are slow and controlled, and if you find that you are moving at a faster rate than those around you, then that’s just another reminder to slow down.

6. Be Mindful of Your Body

In a Lagree Pilates class, you will activate multiple muscle groups. You most likely are used to focusing on the major muscle group you’re using while working out. During a Lagree class, the slow, controlled movements give you a better chance to focus on your entire body and practice mindfulness. 

Ask yourself, “Is my core engaged?,” “Are my knees in line with my toes?,” “Are my shoulders pulled back and down?” These are a few examples of things you want to be mindful of while taking a Lagree class. 

7. Take Breaks and Rest—Taking Short Breaks Is Better than Losing Your Form

Even those experienced in Lagree Pilates have to take breaks and rest in class from time to time. So as a beginner, it’s helpful to know this going into it. Now we don’t mean take a break for a few minutes. We’re talking about shaking it out for a few seconds or so and getting back into the exercise as soon as possible. This is because quick transitions and keeping your muscles engaged throughout the entirety of the class are key principles of Lagree. But of course if you do need a few minutes, feel free to do what you need to for you and your body.

It’s better to take a moment when you need it than to push through and compromise proper form. That’s when injuries occur and we want to avoid that. Your instructor will be encouraging you to stay in the move, to keep on going, and to push past the burn throughout the class. But it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you—and only you can know what that is. 

Breaks and rests aren’t incorporated into a Lagree class, but you are in control of your body and your workout so take a quick moment to rest those shaky muscles or hydrate with some water whenever necessary. 

8. Don’t Eat Too Much Before the Workout… But Also, Don’t Show Up on an Empty Stomach

If you have any experience working out you probably already know that eating a full meal too close to the start of your workout isn’t the greatest idea. On the other end of the spectrum, not eating anything doesn’t serve you well either. You don’t want to feel nauseous or faint during your workout, so make sure you fuel your body prior to your Lagree Pilates class. 

A full meal about two hours before or a snack 30 minutes before should give you the energy you need to maximize your workout. 

9. Bring Your Humility

You are brave and courageous to even try a Lagree Pilates class. Give yourself a pat on the back for showing up. And be kind to yourself because there is no such thing as an easy Lagree class. It’s not a traditional Pilates class and really, it’s unparalleled to any other workout method out there. 

It’s deceptively challenging, even if you’re experienced with strength training. So get to a Lagree class, hop on the Megaformer, and be humble.

10. Prepare for Your Muscles to Be Sore Like Never Before

If you’ve worked out in your life, you’ve experienced soreness. But trust me when I say that your first Lagree Pilates class is going to make your muscles more sore than ever before. The Lagree shake is a sign that your muscles are hitting failure and soreness will begin soon after your workout.

If you are extremely sore, then congrats—you successfully completed your first Lagree Pilates class and leveled-up your workout game. Muscle soreness is a good thing. Just keep in mind that you probably don’t want to schedule an intense hike, run, or other HIIT class the day after your first Lagree Pilates class.

You’re Ready to Optimize Your First Lagree Pilates Class and Kick Some A$$

These specified Pilates class tips are so that you can make the most out of your first Lagree class. You can review them once more by referring to the simple checklist below.

  • Make sure you have grippy socks
  • Arrive early to get to know the machine—and meet the trainer
  • Choose a Megaformer in the middle
  • Don’t let the names of the moves confuse you
  • Slow down and breathe—modify the exercises, don’t push yourself too much
  • Be mindful of your body
  • Take breaks and rest—taking short breaks is better than losing your form
  • Don’t eat too much before the workout… but also, don’t show up on an empty stomach
  • Bring your humility
  • Prepare for your muscles to be sore like never before

Trying something new can be scary and challenging, but the more prepared you are, the more you can give it your best. And enjoy it of course. It’s not going to be easy—but hey, you don’t want your workouts to be easy anyway. You’ll be ready to go now that you’ve learned what you need to know before your first Lagree Pilates class.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the new members specials and sign up for your first class! See you on the Megaformer!


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