Before I commit - is this traditional Reformer Pilates?

Great question! This is not Pilates on a reformer. We teach The Lagree Fitness Method which is low-impact strength training on a Megaformer. Our studios have darker rooms with louder music and Coaches who offer high-energy classes.

I need assistance - what’s the best way to get in contact with someone?

Email is the best way! We don’t have phones in our studios due to classes.

Studio City:
Woodland Hills:

How do I sign up for classes?

The best way to create your account is directly through our website. Once this is created, you can download our official app here.

How do I sign up for the New Client First Month package?

Once you’ve crushed your first class, email your home studio to have a team member add this to your account. See the New Client Promo Package details below:

Begins on the date of first booked class. Does not auto-renew. 30 day duration. No rollovers. Access to all Valley locations. Allows 1x booking per day.

Can I take the New Client First Class and take advantage of the New Client First Month package?

Yes! Email a team member to have the New Client First Month added to your account.

What app should I use to book classes?

Our official PPLA app is the best way to stay up to date on your account! The Mindbody app can also book classes with our studios, but we can’t assist with any function/booking issues made through their app.

How do I cancel my class?

Directly in your PPLA app or through our website by logging into your existing account. Please note we don’t manage client bookings on our end due to the safety and privacy of your account.

Should I opt in for text and email alerts?

Yes - we will only send you the important stuff. We never send spam emails! Only texts/emails confirming your bookings, last minute schedule changes and special promotions we offer throughout the year.

How do I update my main billing/CC information?

While our app stores multiple CC’s for you to use for purchases, your main CC on file must be updated all times and can be switched out by logging in to your existing account directly through our website (not the app). Click save and you’re good to go!

Will my package automatically renew?

Unless you are on “I AM DETERMINED” 6 month contract, all other packages will not auto-renew and require you to re-purchase each month to continue.

How does the “I AM DETERMINED” Autopay Contract work?

Your Autopay Contract begins on the date of purchase unless you enter a different start date. Autopays are 6 month in length and will auto-renew each month on the same date. Please note you won’t be able to book past your current month until your next month’s payment has been processed. For example, If your contract start date is 10/9, you’ll be able to book 10/9-11/9. On 11/9 you’ll be able to book for that next month.

When will my package start?
  • “ALL ACCESS: Valley + Malibu:  begins on date of first booked class
  • ‍“I AM DETERMINED” Autopay Contract: begins on sale date
  • “I AM DETERMINED” Non-Autopay option: begins on date of first booked class
  • ‍“I AM INSPIRED” 8 Class 30 Day Package: begins on date of first booked class
  • 5/10/20 Class Packs: begins on sale date
When will my package expire?
  • “ALL ACCESS: Valley + Malibu: 30 day expiration from date of first booked class
  • ‍“I AM DETERMINED” Non-autopay option: 30 day expiration from date of first booked class
  • “I AM DETERMINED” Autopay Contract: Expires/Renews on same date each month in contract
  • ‍“I AM INSPIRED” 8 Class 30 Day Package: 30 day expiration from date of first booked class 
  • ‍5 + 10 Class Pack:  90 day expiration from sale date
  • 20 Class Pack:  6 month expiration from sale date
  • Specialty/Exclusive discounted packs: see listed expiration at time of sale
What locations can I attend with my package?
  • Valley Pricing - access to all Valley locations
  • ‍5/10/20 Class Packs: access to all 5 locations
  • ‍All Access package: access to all 5 locations
  • Malibu Pricing: access to Malibu only
How do I cancel my contract?

Contract cancellations can only be granted after the 3 month minimum has been completed. After this, 30 days cancellation notice prior to your next billing date is required to successfully cancel with no penalty.

I’m on the 8 class month or 5/10/20 pack - can I use a credit to bring a friend?

Yes. To bring a friend, you must have either the 8 class 30 day package or the 5/10/20 pack to gift a credit to a friend. This can only be redeemed in our PPLA app once you’ve booked your class.

How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist closes 24 hours before the scheduled class. If a client drops out and a spot becomes available, you will be added to the class automatically and be required to cancel this reservation on your end if you no longer can attend. The last time to be added to the class is 12 hours prior to the class start time to allow you the opportunity to cancel with no penalty. Check your emails/text for alerts so you don’t miss the waitlist notifications! You are responsible for attending or cancelling - any missed visits will be charged the automatic $25 fee by the system.

If you don’t receive a notification that you’ve been added and it’s within 12hrs of the class start time you will then need to monitor the schedule in our app to see if a spot opens up so you can manually add yourself to class.

What is the cancellation policy?

12hrs prior to your booked visit. Cancellations/No-shows made within 12hrs are subject to the PPLA Cancellation policy. Cancelling a class to swap times within 12hrs is considered a late cancel. We don’t offer refunds and applicable charges are automatically processed by the system. Please see the Cancellation Policy page for more details.

Can I book multiple classes a day?

Our “I AM DETERMINED” package allows 1x booking per day. This counts whether or not the visit was missed or attended. The 8 Class 30 daysly + 5/10/20 class packs allow for multiple bookings per day but additional class credits from your package will be used.

I accidentally booked the wrong location/time/date - what do I do?

We get it, mistakes happen! This is why an email and text reminder are sent immediately after booking and also 24 hours before your scheduled class so you can make sure all the details are correct! Please note that any misbookings will be considered a late-cancel/no show if missed or unattended. We don’t offer refunds and encourage you to keep your text alerts enabled and read your emails. You can easily manage your booking in the PPLA app!

I’m having trouble booking - what does this mean?

Oh no! This could mean a few things:

  • The Class is full and no spots are available
  • Your package start date was set for a later class. Example: If you book your first class on a Wednesday and then try to book a class before then, the system won’t allow you to use the same package since you set the start date for the Wednesday date. To reset, remove all bookings to reset the start date of your package.
  • Your main CC on file is invalid/expired. If the system cannot process applicable fees, the system will automatically suspend your account until a new payment method is in place.
How do I know if a class has any machines left to book?

The PPLA app will show you when a class is down to 1-2 spots left so you know when to act fast!

Can I switch my class?

Yes! You can make schedule changes as long as it’s 12hr prior to your booking! Any changes made within 12hrs of your scheduled class are considered a late cancel and will receive the $25 penalty and use your 1x booking for the day. 5/10/20 packs + The 8 Class 30 days will require you to use an additional class credit to attend again that same day.

How do I book a private session?

Email our team at to speak with a team member about pricing and availability.

Can I share a package?

We don’t offer shared packages and each client must have their own account and spot reserved in class.

Can I place a package on hold?

Yes! You may place an active package on hold for the $25 fee. This fee can be waived if a Dr’s note is submitted during the time frame of the active package dates. Packages can be placed on hold for as long as you need.

Can I extend my package?

If your package has expired there is an extension fee of $25 per week. This fee can be waived if a Dr’s note is submitted during the time frame of the active package dates.

Am I eligible for a discount with my occupation?

Eligible candidates (must be currently active): Teachers & Students who work in education.

 We offer 10% off specific packages or the $220 student/teacher package (discount already applied and only valid for students/teachers in educational setting)

Excluded packages include: “I AM DETERMINED” autopay and any exclusive deals/discounts we offer throughout the year. 

Email your home studio to learn more and apply for our discount program.

In-Studio FAQs

What do I need to know for my first visit?

Come ready to work! Grip socks are required and can be purchased for $18+tax at the studio if you don’t have your own.You must arrive 10 minutes early to your first class to go over the safety check with your Coach to review the machine and potential injuries.

Please note that on-time or late arrivals will not be allowed to take class due to safety and the booking will be considered a no-show/late cancel with no refund or class credit.

Are grip socks required?

Yes! This is for your safety and to enhance the quality of your workout by being able to grip better to the Megaformer during exercises. You can purchase socks in-studio.

What’s the minimum age requirement to attend?

Minimum age - 15 years. To receive the minor liability waiver, email to sign and submit via email before attending the first class.

What happens if I’m late for class?

We allow late arrivals up to 10 minutes of the class start time! Any arrivals past 10 minutes are considered a late cancellation with applicable fees + loss of class.

What happens If I show up to the wrong studio for class?

Our coaches do not handle client accounts and cannot move reservations around. You will be required to purchase an additional class to be able to attend a different time/location from your existing reservation as well as incur the late cancellation fee for the missed reservation. All account questions are handled via email with our team members!

I booked with a third-party site (ClassPass, Gympass) - can you modify my reservation?

We do not manage or have the ability to adjust any bookings made outside of PPLA. You will need to contact the site you used to book your class for any questions regarding your reservation.

Do you offer free parking?
  • Burbank, Malibu, Woodland Hills - parking lot available
  • Encino - Valet offered with free validation + metered street parking
  • Studio City - Metered street parking and residential parking
My coach was switched out for my scheduled class - what does this mean?

Sometimes sub shifts happen due to coach availability! No matter what, you’re always in good hands with our high-quality coaches. Switches/cancellations due to a change in Coach will not be granted and late cancel/no show fees will apply.

Can my coach help with my account while I’m in the studio?

All account related questions are handled by our team members! Please email your home studio for more assistance.