March 28, 2023

Lagree vs. Weight Lifting: Balance Over Strength

Lagree vs. Weight Lifting: Balance Over Strength

By Danielle Rosario

When you think of strength training, most likely you think about weight lifting. And as far as equipment goes, dumbbells have been the go-to for over 2,000 years for strength training1. But with the world of fitness continuing to evolve and progress, there are other options today, and better ones at that.

Introducing Lagree—a killer full-body comprehensive workout that utilizes springs to create resistance. The variable tension used in Lagree ultimately creates a remarkable strength training experience.

Science has proven that strength training is crucial in building muscle, increasing strength, and burning fat. On top of that, a study provides evidence that there are long-term health benefits to strength training2. Strength training for just 30–60 minutes per week resulted in a 10–20% lower risk of dying from all causes, including cancer and heart disease, than those without strength training.

Today, we will look at the differences between Lagree and weight lifting, compare Lagree versus the gym, and explain how the benefits of springs surpass, or should we say, outweigh those of weights when it comes to strength training.

Lagree vs. Weight Lifting: What’s the Difference?

While Lagree and weight lifting are both types of strength training, they are very different. And the differences between the two ultimately make Lagree better than weightlifting. 

Weight lifting is defined as any exercise that aims to increase the strength and size of your muscles. A common concern, especially among women, in regard to weight lifting, is that it’ll make you bulky. Lagree eliminates this concern, as it focuses on lean muscle growth. So if you wonder if Lagree makes you bulky, the answer is a definitive no.

As you already know, Lagree relies on springs, while weight lifting relies on some sort of weight source, such as dumbbells and weight stacks or bars. But unlike weight lifting, Lagree heavily focuses on balance. Incorporating balance allows you to achieve results more quickly. Simultaneously, it helps prevent injuries, and who doesn’t want that?

A major difference between Lagree and weight lifting is the use of the machine. If you take a Lagree class, you’ll experience the awesomeness that is the Megaformer, equipped with springs, a gliding carriage, pulleys, and hand and foot straps. The design of the Lagree machine provides an immense variety of strength-building and balance exercises.

Lagree vs. Gym

While the Lagree method focuses on slow, controlled movements, with an emphasis on a slow and steady pace, that’s not what you typically see when you go to the gym. Think about it—when you go to the gym, do you focus on maintaining a slow tempo during your workout?

Certainly, you don’t aim to go slow if you’re spinning or running on the treadmill. As far as cardio goes, a slow tempo will never be the goal—that’s quite obvious. But even when it comes to strength training exercises, more often than not, you aren’t focused on time under tension when lifting weights.

With weight lifting, it’s challenging not to utilize momentum, especially as you increase the size of your weights. The Megaformer eliminates this potential issue, so you’ll never resort to momentum when executing moves in a Lagree class. 

Lagree’s focus on form and proper alignment gives it an edge over strength training in the gym. The use of the Megaformer in and of itself supports you in maintaining good form while exercising. Because balance is a major part of Lagree, your body automatically shifts into a state of higher awareness. Lagree activates your mind-body connection and forces you to strive for good form.

Springs vs. Weights: Which One Is Better for You?

Without a doubt, Lagree is the better option for strength straining because of its use of springs instead of weights. Lagree incorporates variable tension, which is easy on your joints and connective tissues. The springs give you better control when executing movements—acting like a sort of built-in support system, guiding you to keep you safe.

One of the things I love best about springs is that they prevent you from cheating during your workout. How so? Well, they help eliminate the risk of you compromising form. This is key in avoiding possible injuries, which typically occur when exercising with poor form. 

Have you ever witnessed someone at the gym lifting weights in an out-of-control manner? Swinging the weights in a borderline violent fashion, seemingly without awareness of their body. Unfortunately, their body is out of alignment, and good form is nowhere to be found. 

Due to the nature of weightlifting, this is bound to happen, especially when the weight choice is inaccurate. If you select weights that are too heavy for you, you inevitably compromise proper form. If you can’t perform the movement with good form, then you aren’t ready to progress your weights.

The Megafomer’s use of variable tension with springs makes Lagree a safe choice for people of all ages and experience levels. Because springs reduce your risk of injury when it comes to strength training, they are a better choice for you if you have a history of injuries, minimal experience with strength training, and are older and seeking a low-impact workout.

You can adjust the springs throughout your Lagree class to find the right level of resistance for you need. The springs are also great for supporting you in any modifications you might need.

Another benefit to springs is that they give your muscles an opportunity to engage longer. Because Lagree focuses on time under tension, your muscles are activated more than they are during a traditional strength-training workout. With the exception of super quick transition times, your muscles are working from start to finish in a Lagree class.

Other workouts factor in rest times, allowing your muscles to disengage. The springs make your Lagree workout more effective while also protecting your body.

The Options Have Been Weighed—Lagree Is Better than Weight Lifting

Are you ready to spice up your workout routine? If you’re looking for an exciting strength-training workout, you have to try Lagree. Plus, you’ll knock out your cardio workout at the same time while simultaneously working on your balance and muscular endurance.

Seriously, the benefits of Lagree are quite impressive. And you’re now aware that Lagree is the better choice regarding strength training, so what are you waiting for?

Put down the dumbbells and work on increasing your strength with a dynamic full-body workout. You’ll love the unique strength training experience Lagree offers. Check out the new members specials and sign up for your first class!


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