August 30, 2023

Training Safely With Certified Lagree Pros

Training Safely With Certified Lagree Pros

By Danielle Rosario

As someone who has completed the intensive weekend Lagree certification course, I can tell you that it’s no joke. With the Lagree method being the unparalleled fitness program that it is, it makes perfect sense that you’re required to undergo some serious training to become a certified Lagree instructor. 

Health and fitness are vital to our lives and should be treated accordingly. We’ll explain the importance of working with a certified Lagree instructor and show you how to find that special certified Lagree trainer who will motivate you on your fitness journey.  

What Is a Certified Lagree Trainer? 

A certified Lagree trainer is someone who has completed the official Lagree certification program. The level 1 certification course, which is the standard requirement to become an official certified Lagree instructor, includes multiple hours of intensive training. 

After completing the course, a certified trainer will have knowledge of the following:

Certified Lagree trainers always have a way to keep growing and enhancing their skill sets. Some certified Lagree instructors opt to get certified in specialty courses, such as “Teaching Large Group Classes” or “Lagree for Prenatal & Postnatal Persons.” There are also advanced certifications like “Form & Alignment” and “Time Effective Sequencing.” 

There are a select few certified trainers who are Lagree master trainers. These are Lagree experts who have completed the Level 3 Master training on top of the Advanced Level 2 training and specialty courses. These trainers are qualified to certify others by teaching official Lagree certification courses.

Why Certification Matters 

Lagree certification is crucial for many reasons. Certified Lagree instructors have received training for the following: 

Safety: Teaching proper form and alignment helps reduce the risk of injury during your Lagree workout. Your coach can help identify and correct improper movements to ensure client safety.

Effective instruction: Certified trainers understand the intricacies of the Lagree method and can create well-structured workouts tailored to clients' individual needs.

Comprehensive understanding: Instructors have extensive knowledge of the philosophy and principles of Lagree. They can guide you through a workout that provides a mind-body connection fitness experience. 

Progressions and modifications: Qualified trainers can provide modifications and progressions to accommodate different fitness levels. They are quick on their feet and can adjust exercises for clients with specific physical limitations or injuries. And for the more advanced Lagree-goers, they’ll keep workouts challenging with progressions to push you to your limit. 

How to Find a Certified Lagree Trainer 

The good news is that finding a certified Lagree trainer isn’t difficult. To begin with, studios that are licensed to teach the Lagree method often require their instructors to complete the official Lagree certification course. Contact local studios and ask about their requirements for instructors. You can also do some research online—some studios have this info on their websites. 

Ask around. I’m a big believer in word-of-mouth recommendations. Between friends, family, and the Lagree community, you’ll have no problem finding a well-loved Lagree coach. Try a few different teachers based on the recommended list you build. Everyone has a different teaching style and preference, so what works best for someone else may not be your cup of tea. 

You can’t go wrong with reading reviews. I’m a big fan of Yelp. Do some online research and go through reviews to get some more insight into the instructors’ teaching styles. Remember to take each review with a grain of salt, though. Never let one bad review ruin the possibility of connecting with your favorite Lagree instructor. 

Qualities to Look for in a Certified Lagree Coach 

When you’re looking for a Lagree coach that best suits you, there are a few qualities one might deem necessary. You definitely want to make sure your coach has expertise. A certified trainer should be knowledgeable about the Lagree method—including everything from its principles to the ins and outs of the Megaformer.  

Clear and effective communication ensures clients understand and execute moves correctly. Adaptability is also vital, especially if you need particular modifications due to a pre-existing injury or condition. An experienced trainer will be able to tailor the workout to fit each client's individual needs. 

And, of course, who doesn’t want a coach that is passionate and inspiring? When your trainer is genuinely interested in helping you reach your fitness goals, they’ll lead classes that exude energy and motivation. And with a challenging workout like Lagree, having an awesome trainer to push you while maintaining a positive and supportive environment makes a difference. 

Questions to Ask a Potential Lagree Instructor 

Whether you’re new to Lagree or just moved to a new city and are trying to find your Lagree community, there are a few important things to consider when selecting a certified Lagree instructor. 

Following are some questions you may want to ask when you’re in the process of figuring out how to find a coach that best suits you:

  • Are you an official certified Lagree instructor?
  • Where did you receive your certification? 
  • How long have you been teaching Lagree?
  • How do you structure your classes to accommodate clients of different skill levels?
  • Do you have experience teaching clients with particular fitness goals or limitations? 
  • How do you ensure the safety of clients on the Megaformer during your class?
  • Do you have any client testimonials or reviews? If so, where can I check them out?

There’s no need to ask every single one of these questions—you’re not there to interrogate your potential instructor.  But you can think of it as a sort of interview—you are seeking a  certified Lagree trainer, and in order to find the best fit, you want to ask questions based on your specific goals and needs.  


If Lagree is a part of your workout routine (and if it’s not, then I highly advise you to consider adding it), then a certified Lagree trainer is an essential part of your fitness journey. An amazing Lagree coach will ensure you have a safe, effective, and enjoyable experience during your workouts. 

Take your time in finding the right certified Lagree trainer for you. You want a coach who aligns with your goals and has the qualities you seek to inspire you. Your certified Lagree trainer has the expertise, insight, and passion to guide you through your workout and in achieving your fitness goals. Check out one of LA’s most beloved Lagree master trainers and sign up for the certification course!

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