November 11, 2022

Welcome to Pilates Plus LA

Welcome to Pilates Plus LA

Welcome to Pilates Plus LA, also known as PPLA. The lights are low, the music is high, and the energy is just right.

Pilates Plus LA launched in 2006 when Kristi Vacanti, CEO and Founder of PPLA, opened her first studio in Encino. Since then, PPLA has grown to 5 studios across Los Angeles and is one of the most recognized Lagree Fitness studios in LA county. 

Pilates Plus LA's classes are held in a motivating small-group environment. All fitness levels can benefit from the high-intensity, low-impact Lagree Fitness approach. The exercise is efficient, effective, and, most importantly, fun.

Our trademark Megaformer class, MegaBurn 45, combines cardio and strength training for a total-body, high-intensity, low-impact workout to help you increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. All fitness levels are welcome to this 45-minute class, and our signature moves can be amplified or changed to meet your specific goals.

The workout is performed on the one-of-a-kind Megaformer™, which offers more exercise alternatives than a conventional reformer while providing constant resistance and allowing for continual tension targeting your slow twitch muscle fibers. With the Megaformer, you can move rapidly and fluidly between each move while continuing to rev up your heart rate and get your blood pumping.

"At PPLA we want you to leave each class feeling empowered. This workout is challenging but we believe that challenge will further push you towards greatness both mentally and physically and allow you to explore a deeper version of yourself. This is the place where you get to find, embrace and take your power back." - Kristi Vacanti, CEO & Founder of Pilates Plus LA

We are always welcoming new members to the PPLA family! If you are in signing up for your first class, visit our new member page here. 

See you on the Megaformer!

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