January 25, 2023

Lagree vs Pilates: Are They the Same?

Lagree vs Pilates: Are They the Same?

Written by: Danielle Rosario

Is Lagree the Same as Pilates?

If you’ve been wondering if Lagree and Pilates are the same, you can wonder no more. The answer is plain and simple. No — Lagree is not the same as Pilates. No disrespect to traditional Pilates, but there’s really no contest here — Lagree is better than Pilates. 

Furthermore, Lagree is like no other exercise out there. Lagree is a unique combination of bodybuilding training techniques and low-impact exercises on the Megaformer. Seriously, there’s nothing else that can compare to it. And if you have never tried it before, well you’re definitely missing out. 

Lagree is Different from Pilates. And Yes, It’s WAY Better

Each type of exercise comes with different benefits. And depending on your goals and needs, combined with your skill and ability, different types of exercises suit different people better. But rarely do you come across a type of exercise like Lagree, whose benefits seem to include everything you could want in a workout. 

Lagree was formed by taking key components of Pilates, such as core stability, flexibility, and muscle strength, and integrating them into a more dynamic workout using a machine to gain maximum benefits.1 Because Lagree offers all of the same benefits that Pilates does and more, there’s really no argument here — Lagree is better. 

One of the main reasons Lagree is better than Pilates is because it doesn’t exclude cardio. Pilates isn’t a cardiovascular workout, and so the calorie burn is never going to compare to that which you can achieve with a Lagree workout. 

Lagree vs Pilates Principles

So we’ve established that Lagree and Pilates are not the same. Now let’s dive deeper into the differences between Lagree and Pilates because there certainly are many. 

Lagree Is Effective

Lagree incorporates the superset effectiveness of bodybuilding techniques. Because multiple muscle groups are targeted at once, Lagree is more effective than Pilates. 

Lagree and Pilates are based on seven principles.2 Comparing these principles clearly demonstrates that Lagree and Pilates are very different.

Pilates is based on the following 7 principles:

  1. Breathing
  2. Concentration 
  3. Control 
  4. Centering 
  5. Flowing Movement
  6. Postural Alignment
  7. Precision

Lagree is based on these 7 different principles:

  1. Form
  2. Range of Motion
  3. Tempo
  4. Duration
  5. Tension
  6. Transition
  7. Plane of Motion

Lagree includes all the principles of Pilates, and then builds on those. Lagree incorporates concepts from other exercise styles that have developed and evolved since the inception of Pilates.3

Lagree combines the main principles of Pilates with techniques from other exercise styles, like bodybuilding, to reach maximum effectiveness. Unlike Pilates, Lagree offers a workout that allows you to work towards all of your fitness goals. 

You’re able to improve your cardiovascular health, muscular strength, core stability, balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance all in one method — the best method — Lagree. 

How Are Pilates and Lagree Different?

The Megaformer vs The Reformer

One of the main differences between Lagree and Pilates are the machines used. You can think of the Megaformer as a sort of enhanced and improved version of the Reformer. If the Reformer is the basic model, the Megaformer would be the most luxurious model. 

The Megaformer has double the amount of springs, allowing for maximum intensity. Even the strongest, most advanced athlete can experience a great workout on the Megaformer with the ability to increase intensity by adjusting the springs. 

The Megaformer offers a broader range of uses than the Reformer. It has the ability to target different muscle groups, whereas the Reformer doesn’t allow for adjusting the angle of motion. 

Simply put, the Megaformer offers more intensity than the Reformer, and therefore, results in a higher caloric burn. 

The Tempo of Motion

In Lagree, there’s a major focus on the tempo of motion, or the pace of your workout. Through slow, controlled movements, you experience that Lagree muscle-shake that’s like no other. 

Both Pilates and Lagree focus on controlled movements. But the added focus of super-slow movements that Lagree offers, helps you improve your muscular endurance. The increased time-under-tension means there’s an increased tension on your muscles. This results in a quicker burnout.


While Pilates usually includes short breaks in between exercises, Lagree focuses on quick transitions. A shorter transition time means shorter rest times. The less time you have to rest during a workout, the quicker the burnout. This results in a shorter workout packed with benefits

Because there are typically more breaks in Pilates, your heart rate has more opportunities to drop. Whereas in Lagree, the quick transition times help keep your heart rate elevated.


Both Lagree and Pilates are well known as methods of exercise that will help to improve your balance.  For instance, it’s obvious that a HIIT bootcamp or a cycling class would not be the choice of workout if you’re trying to work on your balance. 

But is Lagree or Pilates better for improving your balance skills? It’s hard to tell, but when it comes down to it, Lagree offers you a chance to improve your balance while you simultaneously reap its many other benefits. 

Muscle Focus

In a pilate class, core muscles such as the abs, obliques, and lats are targeted. But in a Lagree class, not only is there a focus on your core, but multiple muscle groups are targeted at once. 

Pilates increases your core strength, while Lagree increases your core strength, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Lagree offers you a whole-body workout — something Pilates can’t do. 

If you’re seeking a high-intensity, full-body workout, then Lagree is the better choice. 

Lagree is Better than Pilates… By a Longshot

The greater the benefits, the greater the results.  Because Lagree offers all the benefits of Pilates and so much more, you will see faster results with Lagree.  Not only will you see results in much less time with Lagree, but you’ll experience benefits you’d never even be able to obtain with traditional Pilates. 

Why not choose the method that’s going to give you everything you need in one workout? Look, there’s nothing wrong with traditional Pilates. But the truth is that most people that practice Pilates have to supplement it with another type of exercise such as running, cycling, or weightlifting for instance.

With Lagree, it’s not necessary to add another type of exercise. Clearly, Lagree is better than Pilates. So what are you waiting for? Check out the new members specials and sign up for your first class!


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