January 25, 2024

Renew Your Lagree Fitness Routine This New Year

Renew Your Lagree Fitness Routine This New Year

By Danielle Rosario

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, you’re probably starting to settle back into your daily routine. And now is the perfect time to revitalize your fitness routine! For all you Lagree lovers out there, you’re already well aware of the transformative power of this method. 

But if you truly want to make the most out of your Lagree routine, keeping things fresh and challenging is essential. 

So, how do you give your workout routine a refresh? We’ll share some ways that you can ensure that you’re on the right path to becoming your healthiest, strongest, and most fit self this year. And, of course, how to stay invigorated along your journey.

Assessing Your Current Lagree Routine

When you look at your current fitness routine, it’s important to take a moment for reflection. Sometimes it’s challenging to see your progress, but if you step back and reflect on the year as a whole—it’s easier to see the great distance between where you started and how far you’ve come.

Or maybe there were extremely challenging moments that stuck with you—a moment on the Megaformer where you felt like you just might not make it… how did you manage to get through it? (If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you survived). Take whatever it was with you into this new year and let it guide you to overcome any challenges that come your way. 

Take note of any specific areas you want to focus on improving—these often are the things that seem most difficult to you, or that scare you and send your confidence soaring out the window. 

Adjusting Your Workout Plans

When setting goals in your exercise routine, you want to push yourself, but you also want them to be realistic. This includes considering your schedule and giving yourself a proper timeline to reach the goal. Set yourself up for success by making your goal challenging yet attainable.

Incorporating Progressive Overload for Continuous Improvement

To continuously improve on your fitness journey, it's crucial to incorporate the principle of progressive overload. Say what? This means you gradually increase the demand on your muscles over time—pushing them to adapt and strengthen. 

As its name suggests, progressive overload is a progression toward increasing weight load, resistance, or repetitions.

If you want to avoid hitting a plateau in your exercise routine, all while minimizing your risk of injury, progressive overloading is the key. It guarantees that your workouts stay challenging and effective.

Exploring New Lagree Exercises to Target Different Muscle Groups

Given the nature of the method, it’s rather easy to try different Lagree exercises to target different muscle groups. Plus, you’ll simultaneously be keeping your workout routine dynamic as you perhaps venture into some unchartered territory.

Lagree offers a diverse range of movements that can be tailored to address specific body areas. One of the distinguishing features of Lagree is that it can work numerous muscles simultaneously—up to 600 muscles at once! And there are hundreds of exercises to choose from as you aim to activate many different muscles.

Experimenting with new exercises prevents monotony in your fitness routine and ensures a comprehensive and balanced workout. Exploring the full spectrum of Lagree exercises adds excitement and effectiveness to your workout. 

Setting a Balanced Workout Schedule for Variety and Sustainability

A key aspect of a sustainable fitness journey is establishing a well-balanced workout schedule. 

Because Lagree workouts involve various aspects of fitness, including strength, flexibility, and muscular and cardiovascular endurance, you don’t have to supplement Lagree with a different type of workout. 

But if you love other types of workouts, such as yoga or boxing, you should certainly implement those classes into your schedule. This is a great way to prevent burnout and create a well-rounded, enhanced fitness routine in the long haul. And don’t forget to schedule in your rest days to make sure you give your muscles time to repair. 

Trying New Exercise Variants

Elevating your Lagree Fitness experience means infusing creativity into the familiar. Time to try new things! 

Introducing Variations to Lagree Moves for Added Challenge

The sense of a routine keeps you consistent and committed—and when it comes to your workout—the benefit of a routine is no different. But routine can also become boring, which is why varying some aspects is essential. 

We aren’t talking about completely changing your workout. Instead, just vary the movement. As we just mentioned, a slight variation to a Lagree exercise can target different muscle fibers and keep you feeling challenged. Consider adjusting the angles or placement of your hands and feet. Not only will these minor tweaks add an element of surprise to our workout, but they’ll intensify the challenge. 

Exploring Advanced Lagree Techniques to Push Your Limits

For those of you craving a more intimidating challenge, delving into advanced Lagree techniques is the gateway to pushing your physical and mental limits. Advanced techniques may involve intricate sequences and moves that require increased coordination and strength. 

As you navigate these more complex movement sequences, you'll discover untapped reservoirs of resilience and determination—propelling your Lagree journey to unimagined heights.

Incorporating Equipment Variations to Keep Workouts Engaging

Another way to change things up in your workout routine is to add props such as resistance bands, stability balls, or light dumbbells. Mixing in other equipment enhances your workout and activates different muscle groups. Each piece of equipment introduces a unique dynamic, intensifying your fitness routine by keeping you on your toes. 

Joining a Lagree Community

The sense of community is a favorite factor in the fitness world—and the support of a Lagree community is unparalleled! 

The comfort of connecting with like-minded individuals gives you the motivation and support you need to succeed on your fitness journey. Stay active and participate in challenges or events with those who share a love of Lagree with you. 

Challenging Seasoned Lagree Enthusiasts

The longer you’ve been at something, the more difficult it becomes to keep pushing yourself to avoid that dreaded plateau. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Tips for Advanced Practitioners to Keep Pushing Boundaries

As an advanced Lagree enthusiast, you always have to keep the idea of progressive overload in the back of your mind to continue to implement it regularly. Start with adding another spring to up your resistance for each exercise. You can also take the TUT (time-under-tension) principle to the next level by slowing down the Lagree count even more. 

Joining Advanced Lagree Classes or Workshops

Keep an eye out for those advanced classes. Many Lagree studios include at least a couple of options for advanced classes on the schedule for you expert Lagree practitioners. 

Setting Personal Challenges and Milestones for Continuous Growth

At the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to push yourself so that you continue to grow. No matter how skilled or advanced you are, there is always room for improvement. Choose a way to challenge yourself that feels right to you.

Ensure to continue assessing your progress and set new challenges when you reach your milestones. 


As you continue on your fresh new journey, let your Lagree Fitness routine be a source of inspiration and transformation. 

Don’t forget that the essence of Lagree lies not only in the physical exertion but also in the mental fortitude it builds. It's a celebration of your strength, resilience, and commitment to self-improvement. 

Here's to your 2024 being filled with the vitality of Lagree (sign up for your first class here) and the unwavering belief that the best version of yourself is yet to come. Are you interested in teaching Lagree? Get Level 1 Lagree Pilates Certification at Pilates Plus LA and dive into a career of coaching!

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