People working out at Pilates Plus LA (PPLA) in Los Angeles, California.


Megan Lera

Master Coach + Program Director

Megan has been involved in fitness since 2009 when she hired her first personal trainer and began her Strength Training journey. She first started her Lagree career in 2016 at Pilates Plus LA in Studio City. She started working the front desk and from there became certified to become one of the studio’s top trainers, which eventually led to her stepping into the position as the Program Director for the PPLA team + new coaches.

Megan holds certifications as a Lagree Master Trainer, NASM-CPT and NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) who is currently in training for her Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC). In addition to being a Lagree Master Trainer, she’s also a Strength + HIIT Coach for Equinox as well as the owner of MxM Active Club - her online digital fitness platform. Megan brings a detailed attention to form and alignment to all of her classes to ensure proper movement patterns are being executed, allowing clients to succeed and find results in their journey. Her background and passion for Strength Training allows her to bring this dynamic to the Megaformer to make it an exciting, low-impact, effective class. Megan’s high energy, motivation and attention to detail is what you can expect to see from her whether she’s coaching classes, leading a training or having a 1:1 session.

“My goal as your Lagree + Strength coach is to help you LOVE how you move and achieve those hard to reach goals that feel impossible but are actually possible with consistency, dedication, hard work and the right coaching.”

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Hobby: Film/TV and creating artistic content

Fun Fact: I can swing a KB but am terrified of doing a hand stand

Playlist Preference: Top 40 with house remixes, hip hop and power house anthems.


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