People working out at Pilates Plus LA (PPLA) in Los Angeles, California.


Ellen Stern

Manager & Head of HR

Ellen is the Studio Manager for Malibu and Woodland Hills and head of human resources at PPLA.

A native Californian and long-time Malibu resident, Ellen’s passion for Pilates started in 2009 when she first began taking classes at our Malibu studio location. Taking classes daily quickly evolved into teaching, and in 2010 Ellen was inspired to receive her Lagree Fitness Method of Certification.  

“What I initially loved so much about the Pilates workout was challenging all of my muscles and getting a full body workout within the span of only 55 minutes. Within a short period of time, my core strength improved dramatically, along with my muscle tone, and posture — and all of this made me want to work out more!”

Whether teaching group classes or working one-on-one with her clients, Ellen will offer an effective and creative workout with a well-rounded approach from beginning to advanced movements. “I love to help my clients see the results they envision for their bodies that will enable them to achieve a healthier, happier life.”

You might even see Ellen in class on one of the machines next to you taking it to the next level. Ellen resides in Malibu with her husband and children.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my family and friends, reading, practicing yoga and of course Lagree!

Fun Fact: I can do a whole Lagree class wearing ankle weights

Playlist Preference: Eclectic and funky mix of genres, especially anything with heavy bass


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