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Sara is a former colligate lacrosse player and has had a passion for fitness since a young age. She discovered Lagree while living in Charlotte, NC and instantly fell in love. Feeling not only her abs but her entire body shaking the entire class she knew the Megaformer was the real deal. Following her passion she decided to take the plunge and get certified to teach. Two years and a many classes later Sara is still humbled after every class.


“I love teaching lagree because you can see clients get stronger with every class they take! Maybe taking a move to their toes when they had been on their knees or holding a plank 5 seconds longer then the class before. Its so rewarding!” 

Sara has made the move back to CA after having been in CO and NC for the past few years. Having grown up in Orange County, CA she’s excited to be back on the west coast. When she’s not working out Sara loves surfing, skiing, practicing yoga, cooking and spending lots of quality time with her husband, family, and loving pup. 


“I have a true passion to help my clients grow into the best version of themselves.” Sara is also a NASM certified personal trainer as well as NASM nutrition coach. 


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