I was born in Israel, raised in Los Angeles and thought to be a Valley Girl at heart. My passion for fitness began at an early age. Growing up, I was surrounded by family members of Lakers fans, which in turn ignited my passion for basketball and being active. 

Being active is more than just exercise to me. It’s a way to spend time with people you enjoy, learning and understanding your body and mind, relieving the many stresses life brings, all while testing new limits for yourself. I strive to practice each of these things during my daily hikes and by sharing my passion for Pilates with all my clients. 

I’m a lover of all music, from old school hip-hop, 90s music, to today’s hit dance and pop music. You can expect my classes to be fun, with a sporty-kick, and to make you test your limits every time. I modify my routines as I see fit for every client and welcome all and any levels. My Pilates mantra is “Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done. You got this! Keep it goin’!”