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Kim K.'s Instructor Kristi Vacanti Shares the Lagree Pilates Workout

#ThrowbackThursday! Kim Kardashian puts in a lot of hard work to get that signature Instagram shape. Our very own Pilates Plus LA instructor Kristi Vacanti has all the details.

Back in 2013, "Kim [was] feeling more motivated than ever, as she enrolled in Barry’s Bootcamp and Pilates Plus LA."

“We work inner thighs with dumbbells to work your legs and arms, then squats. Kim works hard,” said Kristi Vacanti, who was working with Kim.

"Pilates Plus LA is a fusion of pilates, weight training and circuit training and it's done to muscle failure with very little transition to keep your heart rate up.

Vacanti told E! News there are plenty of intense moves performed to really target most women's trouble areas: the core and the butt, which is what she focuses on when training.

"She's into toning and sculpting and getting in as much of a workout as she can in 55 minutes. People want to come in and get in a quick, fast-paced, calorie-burning workout in as little amount of time as possible."

Watch the full video of Kristi Vacanti on E! news here.

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