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Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite Hobby: Cooking, dinner parties travel, meditation, writing in my gratitude journal 

Fun Fact: I was a client with Sebastien Lagree before I opened PPLA in 2006 and it was one of the first Lagree studios! Also my focus is on living my life in gratitude.

Playlist Preference: Nakho Bear “great spirit”

Instagram: kristivacanti



Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Laying out on the beach or by a pool, tanning and relaxing!

Fun Fact: The only time I’m quiet is when I’m hungry.

Playlist Preference: Remixes of Hip-hop, Pop, 90s and early 2000s throwbacks making you want to dance the whole time!

Instagram: katlaylo



Hometown: Columbus, OH

Favorite Hobby: Skateboarding, writing, being in nature ☀️

Fun Fact: I have never been to IKEA!! I know, I know, who am I?!

Playlist Preference: Vibey tunes baby! I love a good beat drop and anything that makes you dance.

Instagram: ra.chel.lee



Hometown: Los Angeles! 

Favorite Hobby: Beach days, baking healthy treats, sweating! 💦

Fun Fact: I've been a hairstylist for over 25 years (I can style your hair while you hold a plank) 😉

Playlist Preference: An eclectic mix of R&B, Pop, hip hop and rock  to give you that extra energy push! 

Instagram: hillaryclarkhair



Hometown: Orange County, CA

Favorite Hobby: Hiking & Rollerblading with my dog at the beach

Fun Fact: I have a dog and a cat & my perfect Sunday entails fitness and watching football

Playlist Preference: 90's Hip-hop and R&B remixes, Today's hits and throwbacks, Anything high energy with a heavy bass that'll make you want to dance! 

Instagram: jinnyxskinny



Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Favorite Hobby: Lagree, walking/hiking, reading, travel.

Fun Fact: I have interviewed presidential candidates and serial killers. Not at the same time, thankfully. 

Playlist Preference: Any and all genres, especially old school hip-hop and music by powerful, influential women who are doing their part to help change the world. 

Instagram: mags_obrien1



Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite Hobby: Wakeboarding, Skiing, Painting, and anything creative!

Fun Fact:  I studied abroad in Shanghai with some of my best friends

Playlist Preference: Love to keep it upbeat with the hits and some pop




Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my family and friends, reading, practicing yoga and of course Lagree!

Fun Fact: I can do a whole Lagree class wearing ankle weights

Playlist Preference: Eclectic and funky mix of genres, especially anything with heavy bass

Instagram: ellenstern 



Hometown: Kirkland, WA

Favorite Hobby: Dance! Anything fitness related, eating, cooking, and spending time with friends and family!

Fun Fact: I know how to ride a unicycle. 

Playlist Preference: As a dancer, I love anything pop with a great beat! I listen to everything but my favorites are Odesza, Gryffin, Whethan, and Ariana Grande!

Instagram: nat_b_peterson



Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Heated spin, lifting weights, and pilates plus. Having brunch with friends and dinner with family. 

Fun Fact: I love fresh flowers around the house  and lived in Nashville for four years.

Playlist Preference: Pop & Hip hop, anything from the 90s & 2000s w/ a sprinkle of today’s hits. I’ll get you dancing in your workout. 

Instagram: noelleb_xo 



Hometown: Alliance, Ohio

Favorite Hobby: Hiking with Mudge Pup and playing Animal Crossing 

Fun Fact: Used to be a radio DJ named "Copper" 

Playlist Preference: Indie/Alt Rock and anything upbeat!

Instagram: coppertonedkat 



Hometown: Armenia/Yerevan 

Favorite Hobby: Love to dance, spend time with my family, cook. 

Fun Fact: I can listen to Hamilton all day. 

Playlist Preference: Music is the language of the spirit. Depending on my spirit I can listened to 80s 90s hit , classical, hip hop, Armenian, Russian.....

Instagram: Lilith-avag



Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Painting, making art, traveling, or spending time outdoors. 

Fun Fact:  I was a competitive Latin dancer for over a decade, and even won a bronze medal for Latin dance at the 2016 West Coast AAU Junior Olympics. 

Playlist Preference: I will always love a good mix of ‘80s ‘90s 00’s throwbacks in a playlist so that I can sing and groove to through the burn




Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Hobby: Meditating, reading, working out, and being health conscious foodie! 

Fun Fact: I enjoy day trading stocks.

Playlist Preference: I like to mix it up with upbeat music. Hip Hop, EDM , 90’s throwback, & some Latin beats! 

Instagram: @MichelleIxcot 

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Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Hobby: Film/TV and creating artistic content

Fun Fact: I hate water in my face and trained myself to jump in pools and somehow keep my head from going underwater. People always think it's so crazy!

Playlist Preference: Top 40 with some hip hop and throwbacks! I will admit that I love deep house for the late night classes.  I like to keep it fun and relevant.

Instagram: movementbymegan




Hometown: Greeley, CO

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my husband and two dogs, cooking, hiking, and camping.

Fun Fact: I particularly love seeing movies in theaters.

Playlist Preference:  like to mix it up! My default is hip hop, and I can't say no to a 90's throwback playlist, but I like some Talking Heads and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in there, too! 



Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah 

Favorite Hobby: Traveling is my favorite! I also love beach days, hiking, and spending time with my pup Bandit.

Fun Fact: My nickname is “Goods”

Playlist Preference: Electronic remixes that make you want to dance with a splash of hip hop. 

Instagram: eringoods 



Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas (Houston)

Favorite Hobby: Dance

Fun Fact: I love football! I’ve been going to games since I was in the womb.

Playlist Preference: Anything! Top 40, Hip-hop, Throwbacks 

Instagram: maecmalone



Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my family, beach days, traveling, rollerblading, hiking, any and all things related to nature

Fun Fact: I rollerblade from Temescal Canyon to Redondo Beach (25+ miles) once a week. 

Playlist Preference: I try to mix it up. Anything from old school hip-hop, 90s music, to today’s hit dance and pop music....

Instagram: iheartthelakers



Hometown: Edmond, OK

Favorite Hobby: Dance! When I'm not dancing, I love going to the beach, reading, and spending quality time with quality people!

Fun Fact:  I was in a Georgia Aquarium commercial - which is the biggest aquarium in the US

Playlist Preference: Anything with a good beat & fun energy

Instagram: baileycasillo



Hometown: Phoenix

Favorite Hobby: Making artisan sourdough bread

Fun Fact: I was ABC7’s food and fitness reporter for 20 years

Playlist Preference: Love variety! A fan of  the 90’s, a little jock rock, some mellow like Nora en Pure

Instagram: @LoriCorbinTV