It was one of those iconic Southern California summer days — the kind you see in movies — with crystal blue skies and the sun so bright, they’re almost too perfect to seem real. It was 2016. As Maggie O’Brien drove her rental along the Pacific Coast Highway, halfway through her weeklong Cali vacation, she looked out to the ocean, turned up the radio, and breathed it all in. 

Six weeks later, Maggie quit her job as a journalist in Omaha, Nebraska, packed up her car, and hit the road. She’s been in LA ever since. 

Maggie is a Level 2 Lagree Fitness Trainer. She discovered Lagree in the fall of 2018 after a friend recommended the workout as a way to lean up fast, challenge limits, build strength, and inspire the mind. Intimidated and a little skeptical at first, Maggie was thrilled to get through her first Lagree class without dying on the Mega. It’s been true love ever since. 

As a former fitness writer, Maggie had done nearly every workout imaginable. The Iowa native started training for triathlons, marathons and century bike rides as a way to cope with the stress of covering some tough news beats, including crime, breaking news, and national politics. She loved the dedication and discipline that training for each event required. Still, Maggie never felt or looked as fit as she wanted. Adding free weights bulked her up more than she would have liked. A decade later, Maggie had quit endurance sports and wondered if she needed to simply accept the body she had and trudge along on the elliptical machine like everyone else at the gym. 

Then, Lagree happened. Everything changed. 

The Lagree method quickly began to sculpt Maggie’s body by building lean muscle and dissolving fat — changing her body composition — which before had felt out of reach. The low back pain that had plagued her for years all but vanished. Lagree made Maggie stronger, inside and out.  And, above all, it introduced her to an amazing tribe of healthy, like-minded, motivated people. Many are among her dearest friends. 

Today, Maggie loves helping clients transform their lives with this powerful high-intensity, low-impact workout. When she’s not teaching or doing Lagree, Maggie is a freelance writer for publications, public relations agencies, and creative agencies around the country. She also owns a small digital marketing company. Look for her name on the schedule at one of our five studios. 

“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” 
— Audrey Hepburn