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While entrenched in Anorexia Nervosa, Liv first tried Lagree Fitness in New York. Three years and six months of treatment later and a move to CA, healthy and rejuvenated, Liv sought Lagree Fitness. She fell deeper in love with the workout and body, aiding in her recovery.


Growing up as a professional dancer, Liv naturally craves movement, creativity and community- she has found all of this and more in the Lagree Fitness community. This passion drove Liv to work-study the desk in Studio City so she could train more often, driving her to want to share her passion of the all-inclusive workout with those around her!

Very “form” focused and detailed, Liv strives to keep learning new ways in which to challenge herself and her clients. Always a student, and now a teacher! “I want to be a social worker in the foster-care system, yet I see myself teaching this method and inspiring others for a very long time!” …a quote she lives by, “I will become what I deserve”- lyrics by Ben Howard.